Another way in which the LOL Foundation differs from other military charities is in our therapeutic approach to rehabilitating the ex-service personnel.

We have two fully qualified trauma counsellors who are available at our headquarters 5 days a week.

In addition, the lads and lasses have significant involvement in decision making and the practicalities of running the place.

One of our lads commented that

“You (The LOL Foundation) actually follow through on what you say you’re going to do, some charities find accommodation and then forget about us.  Other charities only provide counselling once a week, but that isn’t enough.  LOL is different.  We are all in the same house, the bond is there straight away.  The counsellor is there every day and gives us projects to work on and goals to aim for.  Most of all LOL cares".

We strive to provide a caring, honest and therapeutic process of rehabilitation, where we are present every step of the way.

For most military personnel, the army provides a protective environment, however, once they become discharged they can find it difficult to adjust back into civilian life, this is when many can find themselves homeless.  The LOL Foundation aims to house these homeless ex-service personnel because we believe nobody who has served their country should end up living on the streets.


Once we are made aware of a lad or lass needing our support we place them into our property on Canal Street, Congleton, Cheshire which is leased from Adullam Homes.  We are currently fully occupied, which is excellent news.  Each person has their own bedroom, shared bathroom, living area and kitchen.


In further news, we have recently aquired 48/54 Lawton Street, Congleton, Cheshire, from Cheshire East, which will house a further 8 ex-service personnel.  There is currently a waiting list for ex-service personnel to be housed and helped by the LOL Foundation, therefore we hope to expand as quickly as possible and spread our care.  We are currently trying to raise funds to refurbish this property and obtain other properties.


Peter Aston, our Chairman says, ‘it is so important for the foundation to be able to place those that are homeless, who have served their country so loyally, into safe and secure accommodation’.


The LOL Foundation works with lots of community groups offering work-based training and education.


The LOL Foundation supports these men and women who have fallen from societies radar by helping them to become an integral part of the 'feel good about yourself' factor.  

They learn new skills, earn a wage and ultimately become employed.  

We work alongside Congleton Learning Centre where the lads and lasses can gain NVQ Certificates.  We also work alongside St Johns Ambulance where the lads and lasses can gain certificates on Health & Safety, First Aid At Work, Fire Marshalls, etc.

Congleton Learning Centre also help them with interview preparation to enable them to change their military skillset into civilian skills.


We work alongside some animal farms in the local community where animal therapy is implemented to help with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and other mental health related problems.


Our lads and lasses do lots of voluntary work to help them build their confidence and they meet and interact well with the local community.  






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The LOL Foundation
The LOL Foundation
The LOL Foundation

There are numerous military charities out there, yet we believe that the LOL Foundation is different because we have created a single organisation where veterans can live, work, play and receive therapy all 'under one roof'.  We provide the perfect structure for a complete understanding of all the challenges of readjustment when returning home.

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