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We are currently developing a new scheme called Adventure Training that will provide opportunities to experience a number of different activities within a supportive environment in the great outdoors with a beneficial impact on health and well-being.



Andrew Dolman-Bayley and Leon Thomas, are both veterans and over the past 12 months have researched Snowdonia and the opportunities it has to offer for a new style of Adventure Training.  


Our aim is to make our concept stand out through -

  • Promoting the Listening Out Loud Foundation as a charity and raise more awareness for our Service Users.

  • Re-engage Veterans in to society.

  • Utilising their specialist military training to enable a faster recovery.

  • Encouraging teamwork and supporting each other as well as buddy up with each other. (In military terms it would be like being within a section of 8-10 people, looking out for each other and working in pairs as well as a team).

We feel this will be an ideal tool through which to promote ourselves to other organisations such as Help for Heroes, Stoll and many more. 


We would also like to promote our services to the Military and as well as the Public and external services such as the National Probation Service.

The types of activities we can provide already are:

  • Hiking in and around the mountains this is to include rock climbing, scrambling and ridge walking.

  • Canoe and kayak fresh water and also kayak in gentle sea.

  • Mountain biking.

  • We can do outdoor survival training for the service users including camping.

  • We can also do level 1 surfing and swimming.  Basic low level diving.

We are incredibly lucky to be in a position where both Andrew and Leon have a variety of qualifications in order for us to be able start on our spectacular adventure, these are listed below;


Leon Thomas:

  • Child protection in sport

  • Beach lifeguard

  • Level 2 fitness instructor

  • Outdoor education instructor

  • Health and safety

  • Basic first aid


Andrew Dolman-Bayley:

  • Sf level 2 skiing

  • Level 1 kayak

  • Map reading 1

  • Basic first aid and mental health first aid

  • Nvq level 2 Catering

The Values of a British Forces serving and non serving member.

  • Courage

  • Discipline

  • Respect for others

  • Integrity

  • Loyalty

  • Selfless Commitment

Lisa Spencer - Health and well-being Trustee:

"Attending a LOL Foundation Adventure Training Course provides opportunities to experience a number of different structured & informal social activities within a supportive environment in the great outdoors.  

All of which can have a beneficial impact on one’s health and well-being as research has shown:


Physical activity and exercise has been proven to reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety whilst improving concentration, focus, ability to sleep and boosting overall mood.


Deliberate therapeutic use of natural environments including wild spaces can have both short and long term positive impact on mental well-being and life satisfaction.


Pursuing meaningful and challenging activities as part of a team can enhance subjective well-being, self determination & inner strength, sense of achievement and social well-being.


Positive social interaction, connection and support are as critical to health and well-being as consuming a good diet and taking regular exercise".

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