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                                               EVICTION POLICY

It is unfortunately the case that, from time to time, The Foundation may deem it necessary to implement the eviction of one or more of our residents.


While we endeavour to undertake the full rehabilitation of the ex-service personnel in our care and support them through whatever difficulties they are experiencing, occasionally this is not possible. For the safety and continued effective function of the Foundation, in extreme circumstances, we will formally ask the person in question to leave our facility, and direct them to seek support from their council. In most cases we will liaise with the council to ensure they receive the support they need.


Admission Guidelines


We do not accept persons under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs

We do not accept anyone who has a history of severe criminal acts or violent offense(s),

We do not accept registered sex offenders


Basic Rules


No weapons of any kind are permitted into the shelter.

No fighting, foul or abusive language, arguing, or petty bickering is allowed. Residents are not permitted to use or possess alcohol or illegal drugs on or off the property for the length of their stay.

Anyone under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be admitted.

If it is suspected that they have been drinking a breathalyzer test may be administered and staff reserves the right to exit them from the program.

All prescription and over the counter medications are to be given to staff to be placed in a locked cabinet.

Residents must notify staff when they need to take their medication.

No loitering permitted around the building before or after hours.

Violation of any rule may result in disciplinary action up to and including eviction from the foundation.

Residents who are dismissed for violation of any rule may not be able to return to The LOL Foundation.


The policies and regulations of the Foundation may be changed at any time.

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