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Right NOW two of our team members are globe trotting!

One of our co-founders is touring Europe, to include Germany, Finland, Norway & Sweden.

Hayley Ash - the designer of our mercian eagle statue and our metal poppy - arrived in Australia TODAY and is soon to start a country wide tour of Australia & New Zealand.

Have a great time - don't forget, send us a postcard!

We will be able to follow your journey on our visitor map

so keep logging on to our website!

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LOL Ventures New LOGO


NEW LOGO For LOL Ventures  23/02/16


LOL Ventures has today been LAUNCHED!
LOL Ventures is the trading arm of The LOL Foundation and soon we will have a shop on our website where we will be selling our very own branded goods. 
Our new logo has been designed today by Carrie of 
Computers And Graphics - CAG. and will soon be getting manufactured -- lots of lovely lapel pins will be here soon -- and we couldn't be happier. Once we have the lapel pins back we will take a photo of one of them, and then use that as the official logo. 
It will be a beautiful lapel pin, with a 3D heart and hands, polished and raised brass for all the wording AND a finely tooled image of Congleton Town Hall in the background.



LOL Ventures New LOGO and Lapel Pin
LOL Pony Sponsorship


LOL Sponsors a pony!



The LOL Foundation co founders' son, George visits Cheshire Horse Sanctuary Ltd and falls in love with 'Nibbles', also known as 'His Nibbs'!
The 'Listening Out Loud' charity had 'Lots Of Love' to show for all the horses and ponies at the sanctuary - George is the first person to sponsor a pony. Soon the LOL Foundation will be sponsoring a CHS therapy horse.  Watch this space for more information.
CHS will soon be offering Equine Assisted Therapy to better help people with mental health problems.


LOL Ventures New LOGO and Lapel Pin

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