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Our Mission And Aims

 Did You Know That At Least 

 10% Of The UK Homeless 

 Population Is Made Up Of 

 Ex-Forces Personnel? 

Our Mission & Aims

To provide homeless veterans with a safe transition to civvy street.


The charities objects are:


To reduce poverty, distress and suffering amongst former members of the armed forces and their dependants or those who are about to leave the services by:



  • The provision of accommodation to those who are homeless

  • The provision of counselling

  • The provision of work-based training and education to those who are unemployed

  • The provision of advice and guidance to assist those who are unemployed to find suitable employment



The LOL Foundation PTSD Statistics Image.
The Facts


Of the UK homeless population are ex-forces personnel.


Of ex-forces personnel suffer from PTSD.


Of the general public suffer from PTSD.  (Non ex-forces personnel)

The number of military personnel now suffering with PTSD or other mental health conditions are rising rapidly.


Many veterans find themselves homeless, with no hope, no support and through no fault of their own.  


They turn to alcohol or drugs or both to help them through each day, to block out the horrors they have persistent flashbacks of.


These men and women put their lives on the line for our country, don’t they deserve better?


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