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 Sharing Is Caring! 


Denise has been a frequent visitor to The LOL Foundation.  She is an ispiration to our lads and lasses and a dedicated ambassador for Mental Health.


We look forward to many more visits.  Thank you Denise for all your tireless support.

We were very lucky to meet Carrie-Anne Dean while at a business meeting with her friend, Mrs Tracy Brewer, founder/owner of Cheshire Horse Sancutary Ltd.

It was at this meeting that we approached Carrie-Anne and asked her to help us build our new webiste. 


Now we have shared our information, ideas and plans for the future and find that we both have common goals.

We have offered to help her spread awareness for her wonderful venture and look forward to showcasing her ARA lapel pins on our 'LOL Ventures' page.


LOL Ventures will soon be home to host of wonderful items for sale with all proceeds going to helping our lads and lasses.  Our new page will be up and running shortly.


Here is some information about ARA:


Animals-Remembered Association was founded by Mr Christopher Knight and Ms Carrie-Anne Dean on March 17th 2010. The mission and aims of this company are to increase public awareness regarding 'Animal Remembrance' for war animals AND by giving people a place where they can remember their treasured pets.  All the proceeds raised from the lapel pin sales go towards helping animals who are working to help people, ie search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, therapy animals. 


The website has a memorial gallery where poeple can add their images and memorial messages. ARA do ask for a very small donation for this service and the monies generated are donated to help animals who are now working to help people.


We are proud to be associated with ARA and we look forward to working alongside them in the future.  

Helping Horses, Helping People.

Tracy and Graham Brewer are the founders of this not-for-profit sanctuary which is based on the outskirts of Chester, Cheshire. 

They are seeking to become a charitable status by utilising 'Equine Assisted Therapy'.


We support them in their aims, there are so many benefits of this therapy when combined with PTSD and other mental health problems.


For more information visit their Facebook page.  Their website is now live but work is still taking place behind the scenes!  


Bojangles in Congleton really do serve the best breakfast in town!


We have a good friendship with Wayne and all the staff.  We recently enjoyed an event at their venue in honour of Frank Worrall and Dougie Bailes who were awarded their 'Legion D'Honneour Medals' by Fiona Bruce, MP of Congleton.  


Perfect service every time, thank you Bojangles!

We recently enjoyed a celebration at Bojangles, Congleton in honour of Frank Worrall and Dougie Bailes who were awarded their 'Legion D'Honneour Medals' by Fiona Bruce, MP of Congleton.


Frank Worrall (91) of 22 Cheshire Regiment, (now 1 Battalion The Mercian Regiment) is known as 'A Pillar Of The Congleton Community. He is known and loved by the whole town. Frank still marches with the lads and lasses in parades. 

Fantastic Teamwork!

Congleton Laser Cutting Ltd first came together with Hayley Ash for a project for the Mercian Eagle back in 2010.  This statue now stands with pride of place outside RHQ Catterick Garrison as a memorial in memory of the fallen. The Mercian Regiment have said that the Congleton community maybe small but they have big hearts.  We are overjoyed with the two projects.

Brilliant Teamwork!

The LOL Foundation would like to thank Congleton Laser Cutting Ltd for their kind donation of a metal poppy which was designed and hand painted by Hayley Ash.  


We are waiting for the work to be completed at Congleton cenotaph then the poppy will have pride of place BUT we need your help to raise funds so we can mount the poppy onto a plynth.  

Once it is mounted it will stand for all to see, in memory of all the fallen soldiers from all the wars.


If you would like to help us raise funds or you would like to donate please click here.

If you would like to contact us then please click here.

Thank you.

A wonderful donation.

The LOL Foundation would like to thank Mr Brian Kennedy, Entrepreneur/Owner of Sale Sharks Rugby Club.  Mr Kennedy made the biggest donation of Sale Sharks Rugby shirts to the 1st Battalion Mercian Regiment upon their return from Afghanistan. 

The picture was taken at Catterick and shows many happy faces!


Northern Polytunnels contributed towards the cost of a 14' x 42' Garden Range Polytunnel to the foundation, which they constructed with the help of some of the LOL Foundation lads and River Cottage's head gardener Craig Rudman.


There was a short documentary made for the LOL Foundation by River Cottage - you can view it here.


We, the LOL Fondation are forever grateful for all your help and support.

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