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Local Projects


One of Congleton Sustainability Group’s most visible projects is the 'Food4Free beds' by the bus shelter where people are encouraged to take herbs and berries for free.


LOL’s founders Jill & Andy had seen the beds and made the connection with their plans for ‘gardening is therapy’ for the LOL lads and lasses.  Jill asked to come to a CSG meeting where she was welcomed and outlined their plans that by then included LOL Foundation.

As the orchard plans at Bosley turned into a reality Patti Pinto from CSG became involved because of her expertise and so the links between the two groups became established.

As the name implies Congleton Sustainability Group champions sustainability wherever it can and is nudging LOL along that path whenever the opportunity presents itself.


Another of CSG’s projects is 'Congleton Apple Juice' and through a generous donation from Carol and Drew Cameron LOL has acquired juicing equipment from the 'High Peak Juice Company' so that apple juice and, (whisper it,) ‘Squaddies Scrumpy cider'.

Peter Aston - LOL Foundation Chairman

On a very hot day in July 2013, Northern Polytunnels, along with the River Cottage team visited the LOL Foundation. 


Northern Polytunnels contributed towards the cost of a 14' x 42' Garden Range Polytunnel to the foundation, which they constructed with the help of some of the LOL Foundaton lads and River Cottage's head gardener Craig Rudman.  Sadly, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall had to leave early due to illness but they managed to have a quick photo before he left.


After all the hard work Craig lit the BBQ and fed us all with bacon, lettuce, pineapple and mustard sandwiches.  Well deserved and delicious.


The polytunnel provides members the opportunity to develop horticultural skills and to enjoy the outdoors.

Peter Aston - LOL Foundation Chairman

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The LOL Foundatoin - Local Projects
The LOL Foundation - Local Projects
The LOL Foundation - Local Projects

 The LOL Foundation Works 

 Alongside Many Groups 

 And Charities... 


At the garden centre, adults with learning and physical disabilities are given support in learning skills and joining together socially.


In their shop they sell crafts that they have made. The lads and lasses were given trees and plants from the garden centre and then they planted them on the land.


In November and December 2013 the lads and lasses refurbished their kitchen. They are a fabulous support to us and we really enjoy working together with them to help vulnerable adults.


Adullam Homes helped to sort out our LOL house at the bottom of Canal Street.


Without their generosity we would not have a place to house the lads and lasses.


We are currently waiting for the keys to two more properties.

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